Formulation Tech. (S1)

LMS Teknik Formulasi Ransum

LMS Forsum

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This course provides computer knowledge that can be applied in nutrition science and technology feeds include principles in ration formulation, ration formulation method, nutrition requirements as well as the use of computer application programs in the feed industry. In the odd semester of 2016/2017, the lecture organized for study program of Nutrition and Feed Technology (NTP) and Animal Production and Technology (TPT).

  • Dr.Ir Idat G. Permana, MSc.Agr (Koordinator)
  • Dr. Sri Suharti, SPt. MSi.
  • Dr.Ir. Rita Mutia, MAgr.
  • Dr.Ir. Widya Hermana, MSi.
  • Dr. Despal, SPt. MSc.Agr.
Course Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Concept of Feed Formulation
  3. Feedstaffs
  4. Nutrient Requirement of Poultry
  5. Nutrient Requirement of Dairy Cattle
  6. Nutrient Requirement of Beef Cattle
  7. Nutrient Requirement of Pet Animal
  8. Linear Programming on Feed Formulation
  9. Feed Formulation Software – Excel Solver
  10. Feed Formulation Software – Win Feed
  11. Feed Formulation Software – Brill
  12. Premix Formulation
  13. Feed Production
  14. Review